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Commission Background

The Louisiana Egg Commission

 A. The Louisiana Egg Commission was created in 1968 within the Louisiana Department of Agriculture with its domicile at 5825 Florida Boulevard, Suite 4004, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.
 B. The commission consist of seven members appointed by the commissioner and confirmed by the Senate.
    (1) Two members shall be active egg producers.
    (2) Two members shall be active distributors.
    (3) Two members shall have knowledge of the egg industry.
    (4) One member shall be appointed from the public at large.
    (5) The Commissioner, or his designee, shall serve as Ex Officio and shall have all rights and responsibilities of appointed members.

The purpose of the commission is to promote the general well-being of Louisiana's egg industry by encouraging increased production and quality in Louisiana eggs through marketing and research; by expanding the market for Louisiana eggs and egg products through promotion and marketing; by increasing the consumption of eggs and egg products in Louisiana through advertising, promotion, and marketing; by providing producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers educational information as to the nutritional and health value of eggs; by performing any other act deemed advisable in promoting this industry and the general welfare of the people of this state.

Fiction:  An egg that floats in a glass of salt-water is not fresh.

FACT:  This test has no relationship to the freshness of table eggs.  While eggs do take on air as they age, the size of the air cell varies from egg to egg when they are laid.  Consequently, a freshly-laid egg and an older egg might react very similarly.

5825 Florida Blvd, Suite 4004 

 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806  (225)925-3772