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Related Links

USDA Website - Poultry Division - The mission of Poultry Programs is to facilitate the strategic marketing of products of the poultry and egg industries in domestic and international markets and through various programs and services.

The Egg Nutrition Center - This site is for egg lovers, egg producers and processors, nutritionist and health providers, and anyone who wants to learn more about eggs and good nutrition.

Louisiana State University Agriculture Center - The Louisiana State University Agriculture Center is one of 11 institutions within the Louisiana State University System. Its primary functions are to operate the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Stations, which conduct agricultural-based research and the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service, which extends the knowledge derived from research to the people of the state.

The American Egg Board - The American Egg Board has a wealth of egg-citing information to share with consumers, health professionals, teachers, foodservice operators, retail marketers and food manufacturers.

Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry - The Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry is responsible for administering many programs and enforcing the regulations that impact every aspect of the state's agriculture & forestry industry.

National Egg Regulatory Officials - The creation of National Egg Regulatory Officials (NERO) was a result of the foresight of several dedicated state shell egg regulators who shared the goal of a national uniform set of regulations governing the sale and movement of shell eggs to the consumer. It was and continues to be their belief that a collective and organized voice serves as an effective conduit for change.

Fiction:  Egg grade is based on size.

FACT:  Size and grade are two different factors bearing no relationship to one another.

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